Remember when there was a 7 mile spanking machine on spongebob and no one said anything about it ever


image bring me the booty

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it’s easy to tell when I have homework to do because I use social media 3825 times more

i got three shots of espresso in my starbucks and i thought i was going to pass out from caffeine so i took a photo to commemorate my poor life decisions

Anonymous sent:

hey could you give me some advice on how to calm down when something anxiety provoking happens? if that makes any sense?

my advice would literally just be to close your eyes and breathe really slowly and deeply for maybe like a minute or until you feel better (obviously not so deep and slow that you pass out u feel. probably sit down if possible that’s always good) also I find that if you tell yourself firmly in your mind that’s it ok and think about stuff that makes you less anxious that helps too :)

and if you can: make sure to remove yourself from the situation that’s making you feel anxiety. there’s literally no point staying at say, a party where you feel seriously uncomfortable or whatever.

unfortunately anxiety attacks can sometimes come on super suddenly with no warning and so often it’s hard to prevent them but you’ve just got to breathe and remind yourself you’re going to be ok :(( I hope this helps xx

my life probably wouldn’t even pass the bechdel test

hi it’s my face again



i was trying to make my friend a bday cake but the dye on the decorative icing started leaking and dripping everywhere so it accidentally became the most ominous and violent looking baked good ive ever seen…… i slapped on some sprinkles to try and make it less threatening looking. it worked a little bit.


i am so proud of this


christmas list:

  • no more anxiety 
  • $$$$$$
  • clear skin

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okay but if Miley’s dad is Robbie Ray and Hannah Montana’s dad is Robbie Ray, how did no one notice that they were the same person for that long

Hannah Montana and Miley are the same person? 

Tag your fucking spoilers


Waffle Iron Mac N Cheese


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when youre in 1st place in Mario Kart and someone throws a blue shell



Talking to straight boys part 2